Omikron Basic

Libraries for Omikron Basic

EasyGem Library
Building Professional User Interfaces for Omikron Basic Programs.
Using the EasyGem Library it is easy to create a user interface for a program. Simply insert the corresponding commands for menus, dialog boxes, and windows into the text of the program. In this case, the EasyGem Library undertakes the greatest part of the management task of these structures. Thus, the user does not need to create any resource files and/or event handlers.

Complex Library
Professional Complex Number Calculation.
Physicists, electrical and other engineers require complex numbers, because many problems can be calculated much more easily and elegantly on the body of the complex numbers than with real numbers.
Omikron Basic's Complex Library makes it now possible to compute all functions with complex numbers as well.

Numeric Library
Professional Use of Numerical Recipes.
Numerical methods are required in many scientific and technical application fields. Be it the solving of very large systems of equations as they are used every day in the evaluation of measured values or if it concerns the solving of differential equations – one is repeatedly confronted with numerical methods, which are often the only speedy, and above all, practical method to solve these pending problems.

Statistic Library
Professional Data Analysis.
Almost everybody needs statistics. Whether a sales statistic is to be built into a calculation program, a measurement cluster to be equipped with a correlation analysis, or if predictions about the spread of a disease are to be made via a taken sampling, the Statistic Library makes it all easy.


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