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Welcome to Easy Fractal 3.50
Shareware for Mac OS X

Fantastic pictures from the Fractal Universe.

Easy Fractal calculates fractals (Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Sets) in real time. Zoom into the infinite depths of the fractal universe and discover new wonderful pictures no one has ever seen before.

Easy Fractal 3.50 now runs on Intel Macs too

The most important functions of Easy Fractal:
Calculation of Mandelbrot´s Sets and the corresponding Julia´s Sets.
EasyFractal now supports symmetric multiprocessing. If your computer is equipped with two or more processors and/or processor cores, they will be used parallel. So, calculation time is reduced accordingly.
Real time zoom exceeding 10 billion percent.
Unlimited scrolling through the Fractal Universe.
11 different iteration functions with freely selectable parameters.
Fractal Editor with functions for rotation and 3D projection.
6 different escape conditions: Circle, Hyperbola, REAL band, IMAG band, Quadrat, Cross.
Fine structure function generates three-dimensional looking images.
Images with up to 32767 x 32767 pixels can be printed or saved in several graphics formats (unregistered version only 800 x 600 pixels).
Fantastic kaleidoscope through color rotation.
Ingenious palettes editor for impressive color effects etc.
10 Minutes Quickstart Tutorial with guaranteed success..
System requirements and further information:
Easy Fractal runs on all Macintosh computers with PowerPC processor or Intel processor and Mac OS X (10.2 or higher).

EasyFractal requires at least 32 MB of free memory. If you want to save or print large pictures, sufficient memory must be available.

Download Easy Fractal now.

Easy Fractal is Shareware. You can register here...

EasyFractal was programmed entirely with Omikron Basic and the EasyGem Library. Would like to find out more about the programming language Omikron Basic you can use to write programs which run as quick as greased lightning? This is the way to Omikron Basic and the associated EasyGem Library.

Do you have any questions concerning EasyFractal, Omikron Basic or anything else?
Just drop us a note.

Visit Aliceia's Art Gallery - you'll find beautiful pictures made with Easy Fractal 3

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